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    letters | withstanding grief

    Looking for light in the darkest moments

    Regarding the shootings in Newtown, Conn.: I refuse to let a deranged man’s senseless actions send me into despair.

    I refuse to “go there,” imagining how the victims’ families must feel.

    I refuse to let evil win.


    I refuse to have my children suffer as a result of my deep sadness over what happened.

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    I will pray for the victims, though I know they are doing fine in heaven.

    I will pray for the victims’ families and friends, that they are comforted and find peace and hope.

    I will pray for all of us who mourn, that we not torture ourselves by imagining “What if it were my child?” scenarios.

    I will pray for the community of Newtown, the school, the first responders, the public officials.


    I will pray for those with mental health disorders, that they receive the care and intervention they need, so that nothing like this ever happens again.

    I will pray that I can be a light in this world, especially in these darkest of moments.

    Meg Rowan