Letters | a new push for mideast progress?

Kerry should make progress toward a two-state solution a top priority

NICHOLAS BURNS, in his column of Jan. 3 (“Kerry, the dealmaker-in-chief,” Op-ed), outlines the many urgent demands that will face Senator John Kerry when he is confirmed as secretary of state but notes that as “the most influential global troubleshooter,” Kerry should take inspiration from his predecessors for negotiating breakthrough agreements.

The time is ripe for Kerry to continue this tradition and devote considerable energy to bring about a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The American Jewish community would strongly support such an initiative by Kerry. Recent polling reveals overwhelming support by American Jews for a two-state solution. American Jews prioritize the most important issues facing the United States similarly to most other Americans: economy, health care, social security and Medicare.

They also solidly support a two-state solution that establishes a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza and East Jerusalem, believing that it is necessary to strengthen Israel’s security and ensure its Jewish democratic character. Importantly, they also recognize a solution to the conflict is important for US national security interests as well percent — a challenge worthy of Kerry’s focused attention.

Stan Fleischman

Newton Highlands

The writer is a member of the J Street Boston steering committee.