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    Letters | another Senate race heats up

    In 2009 special election, contested primary failed Democrats

    I UNDERSTAND the premise of Joan Vennochi’s column criticizing efforts by the “party elite” to anoint a Democratic nominee in the Massachusetts Senate special election (“Democrats for democracy? Not in Mass.,” Op-ed, Jan. 3). There are certainly times when that is not in the public’s best interest.

    We had a primary in 2009 for the Senate special election. No one paid attention. No one watched the debates. Very few people bothered voting. What happened? The most apathetic, entitled Democrat won handily, thanks only to name recognition. She then got her clock cleaned by a mostly unknown state senator who then spent two years pretending his constituents didn’t exist.

    Representative Edward J. Markey has a very solid record of accomplishment. How few lawmakers even mention climate change in Washington? The House initially wouldn’t even provide the money to repair damage from Hurricane Sandy; forget about actually addressing the underlying cause. Markey is a champion for the environment and many other progressive causes that most Democrats are too scared to even discuss in both chambers.


    The point is, the last special election primary we had in Massachusetts failed the voters. I’d much rather a competent, experienced Democrat “anointed” by the “party elite” than risk anyone who even mildly resembles the attorney general and her insulting “campaign.”

    James M. DiLoreto