letters | Patrick Proposes tax plan

Governor takes bold step to raise revenue

RE “Patrick would hike one tax, cut another” (Page A1, Jan. 17): Bravo, Governor Patrick, for having the courage to request more revenue for the Commonwealth’s transportation system and education programs. We have known for a long time that we need more money to improve both these systems. Our legislators need to take a serious look at the governor’s proposal and act on it, as soon as possible.

These investments would aid our limping rail and bus services and permit citizens in the southern and western parts of our state to have access to transportation that would allow them better opportunities to improve their lives.

In addition, as good as our education system is in Massachusetts, we need to support our students even more. We live in a competitive world and we have a responsibility to help them succeed.


Everyone will benefit from these investments. It is time to move forward.

Judith Holoway