It’s time we revamped the Second Amendment

The words of the Second Amendment are more than 200 years old. In the 18th century the words had meaning, relevance, and purpose. In the 21st century they contribute to horror and hold the country hostage.

There comes a time when the meanings of words from a distant past are changed by the realities of the here and now. This is one of those moments. It cries out for courage and change. The Second Amendment needs modernization. It needs to change to reflect the threats of violence, the fear and the danger of this century. Surely, political scholars and legal minds of this era can rephrase the original wording and remind this country of the original purpose of the Founding Fathers. Amendment means change.

The words currently written into the Second Amendment do not prevent tyranny. Instead, they contribute to a massive social problem. A proliferation of modern-day weaponry is the cause of serial mass murder. New gun control legislation is not enough.


The Constitution is a brilliant document and has served its purpose well. Yet history has taught more than one generation of Americans that the document needs an occasional adjustment to reflect changing times. Now is the critical moment in our history to adapt and make more relevant and meaningful words meant to protect our liberty, preserve our peace, and enable our pursuit of happiness.

John F. Murphy