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    Ex-Celtic Parish’s tale of woe is the height of arrogance

    Basketball Hall of Famer Robert Parish worked out in his North Carolina home.
    Basketball Hall of Famer Robert Parish worked out in his North Carolina home.

    Congratulations to the Globe for using front-page space to report the tragic plight of former Celtic star and Hall of Famer Robert Parish (“The Chief hopes to get back in the game,” Jan. 26). Who among us can’t relate to the struggle of being unemployed since 1997 and looking for a job in the NBA, as a head coach or assistant, that meets Parish’s request for six or seven figures? After all, as he tells us, he knows when to call a timeout.

    And that public-relations job he was offered with the Celtics? Why would anyone with Parish’s credentials accept $80,000 a year for such a time-consuming and pressure-filled post?

    Oh, sure, there might be some soreheads out there who hold it against him for that 1993 pot bust, or for that misunderstanding in 1987 when threw his then-wife into a door across a hotel hallway after she found him in his room with a guest.


    I hear you. Who wants to be interrupted when you’re entertaining a guest anyway?

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    So, come on, Celtics, how about getting off your high horse and helping out a guy who can’t find the $24 million you gave him during his career?

    Tom Gotsill

    Yarmouth Port