Must we always see straight domestic life as battle of the sexes?

In Beth Teitell’s article about big-screen TVs (“At home, huge screen can be a hard sell,” Page A1, Feb. 1), we read the same old line about the gender gap, but it is peddled under the notion of universal heterosexual marriage. Teitell’s article reinforces that outdated hobbyhorse that there’s just no getting along where (heterosexual) spouses are concerned. As a married straight person, I resent this. It’s beside the point that, when it came time to pick our new television, having gotten rid of our ancient Trinitron, I was the one — me, the woman — encouraging my husband to get a bigger TV. It’s also irrelevant that, despite his wariness of behemoth TVs, my husband is a huge sports fan.

It doesn’t have to be this way, my fellow Americans. We can create a loving marriage between two people who argue like cats and dogs, or cats and cats, or dogs and dogs, but respect each other as equals, not aliens from Mars or Venus.

Kathryn Webber

Jamaica Plain