Whatever color their cap is, female Sox fans are true blue

I was surprised and disappointed to see Joan Vennochi adopt the sexist “pink hats” reference in her column about marketing the Red Sox (“Selling the Sox,” Op-ed, Feb. 10). The implication is that there are a large number of female fans who hopped on the Sox bandwagon after the 2004 World Series victory only because they wanted to be trendy. This is an insult to the many avid female baseball fans who exist not only in Red Sox Nation, but across America.

My grandmother was an avid Sox fan long before I was first taken to Fenway in 1959. Let Vennochi tell Doris Kearns Goodwin, who was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan before adopting the Red Sox once the Bums fled to Los Angeles, that she is a Sally-come-lately to cheering on the team.

Perhaps it is Vennochi herself who is ready to throw in the towel after a disappointing 2012 season, but she should not assume that other women agree, no matter what the color of their ball caps is.

Jim Fournier