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Cyclists’ disregard for pedestrians makes sympathy hard to summon

Re Cyclists say their rights go unrecognized” (Page A1, Feb. 15): I lament the death of any cyclist in an accident. While I don’t bike much these days, I believe it is an excellent and environmentally friendly way to traverse Boston. That said, I must comment on my experiences over the past several years as a pedestrian.

I am in the center of Jamaica Plain daily, and have learned that one has to be cautious when using crosswalks. The number of cyclists who have yielded to me is small indeed, and the danger to pedestrians seems to have increased following addition of the bike lanes on Centre Street. I’m quite sure that those lanes were not meant to be exclusive rights of way.

I find it challenging to sympathize with cyclists about their rights when, as a group, they generally seem to exhibit no regard for the safety and rights of pedestrians.

Daryl Bichel

Jamaica Plain