Drone strikes may be ugly, but terrorists seek to kill us

IN JOHN E. Sununu’s op-ed (“For Obama, a license to kill,” Feb. 19), his feigned outrage about Obama’s drone strikes is stunning. Killing terrorists by drone strikes is distasteful. But, remember that these people are actively conducting a holy war against the US, enlisting other people to join them in terrorism, are essentially impossible to capture, and are US citizens only through happenstance. Targeted killings of these individuals are justified, and necessary to prevent terrorism.

But, I wonder, where was Sununu when Jose Padilla, a US citizen, was held for almost four years without charges, while suffering sensory deprivation and isolation (better known as torture) sufficient to essentially render him mentally incapable. The Bush Administration shredded the Constitution in his case in the name of the “war on terror.” Where was Sununu’s outrage then?

Sumner Blount