How tough gun rules may have saved a life

RE “CRIME soared with Mass. gun law” (Op-ed, Feb. 17):

In response to Jeff Jacoby’s claim that Massachusetts’ strict gun laws have made the state more dangerous, I have a personal counterexample:

A few years ago, there was a murder in my son’s school, here in Massachusetts. In a story eerily reminiscent of the Sandy Hook killings, an alienated teenager climbed in a window early in the morning. He was carrying a weapon and was intent on murder.


He succeeded, and murdered a random victim. It was horrific. However, the killer’s weapon was a knife. Only one person died. If he had been able to get his hands on an assault weapon, there would have been many more victims, including, perhaps, my son. My son’s life may well have been saved by Massachusetts’ strict gun control laws.

Abby Hafer

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