Letters | Wrestling with rising health care costs

Blue Cross seems to value bottom line above all

RE “BLUE Cross to pay board again after critics fueled halt” (Page A1, March 1): It is with great dismay that I read of the decision by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to reinstate pay for its board of directors. The following day, I read that Blue Cross had increased its net income for 2012 and had raised the compensation for its CEO. The March 2 Business article states that earnings have increased steadily over the last three years.

This is no surprise, as premiums have continued to rise along with high deductibles that leave subscribers paying ever more out-of-pocket costs for routine procedures.

As of Jan. 1, Blue Cross has also moved to decrease reimbursements to mental health providers for standard psychotherapy visits. This comes at a time when access to quality mental health care is seen as a national imperative.


The insurer is making a value decision with these moves, and it speaks loud and clear.

Barbara A. Mordini


The writer is a psychotherapist.