Ex-speaker’s punishment defies understanding

Reading Milton J. Valencia’s article regarding former House speaker Salvatore DiMasi’s current circumstances made me think I was paging through a Victor Hugo novel (“Imprisoned DiMasi weak with cancer, wife says,” Page A1, March 7). When DiMasi was originally sentenced to a prison in another state, I was shocked that he was sent so far away from his family. That in itself was a punishment beyond understanding. Reading the horrors taking place since are enough to make one ill with grief for him and his family.

The DiMasis have certainly suffered far more than his misdeed warrants. There should be an outcry to at least move him to a facility in Massachusetts. There must be a way to accomplish this somehow in the complicated legal system.

I do not know the DiMasi family, but I get upset to even think this could happen to someone in this state.

Mary Deame