Letters | Boston looks to find path to best schools

Abolishing system would be a nightmare

Jeff Jacoby’s proposal to “Liberate schools from government” (Op-ed, March 10) flies in the face of largely positive history, and would lead to disastrous outcomes. The public school system integrated many waves of immigrants into the American experience. With new waves arriving, education is even more essential.

Jacoby’s proposal presumably would require government vouchers, without which only the wealthy would be well educated. An initial problem would be that Republicans would be reluctant to replace local property taxes with adequate income taxes to fully fund the program.

Immigrants would likely often set up schools in their native language, making integration more difficult. People would set up more religious schools, since they would have reliable funding. Does Jacoby really want to fund madrassas with no government say as to instructional content?


Worse, parents in cults would hand over their checks to their cult leaders, nominal schoolers of their children.

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We would have wide swaths of the country being taught creationism, and therefore ignorant of science.

Public schools have problems, but what a terrible idea it is to abolish the system.

Leland Kinsey

Barton, Vt.