Green energy leaves a telling trail of failed companies

Now that one of the world’s largest solar panel makers in China is bankrupt, joining a long list of bankrupt so-called green energy companies here in the United States, such as Solyndra, can we finally call the green energy movement what it is — an economically unfeasible façade with an unrealistic expectation to provide cheap, clean energy?

It always looks great on paper, and people can mislead with financial projections all they want, but it is has been shown time and again that green energy, whether it is solar, electric cars, or wind, is cost-prohibitive and unsustainable without massive government loans, subsidies, tax credits, and outright financing by the end-user. Think of how electricity rates in Massachusetts will increase with wind power.

Even given all the public investment, these companies have gone bankrupt. The US taxpayer has already lost billions on these boondoggles, and the time is now to end this charade. Solar energy had a big head start on wind energy. It would be naïve to think that wind energy, such as the planned Cape Wind project, will not meet the same fate.

Dan Miller