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Gratitude for one’s good fortune can spark open mind

I read with interest Simon Waxman’s March 23 op-ed about the failure of imagination in our politics (“Where’s the political imagination?”). He is right that many people are unable to imagine what it might be like to be different, disabled, or discriminated against, and thus cannot empathize with others.

But what blocks the imaginative leap?

I think the unimaginative may assume that on some level they deserve their good fortune. There is no appreciation that only luck separates them from illness, disability, poverty, or life’s other challenges.


My father was an Iraqi Jew who left an inhospitable homeland and remade his life in the new world. As a self-made man, he could have looked down upon those less fortunate. But he believed that life was about luck. He was a generous man.

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The unimaginative would do well to develop an attitude of gratitude for their good fortune. Their imaginations might then be set free.

Richard Moche