Court oversteps in even considering this departure from natural law

The Supreme Court can’t solve the issue, or problem, of same-sex marriages (“Most justices voice doubts on Defense of Marriage Act,” Page A1, March 28). It is a moot point. It is ridiculous to think or believe that two people of the same sex can be legally or otherwise married. It defies the original meaning of the word, and who says anyone can change that?

The very institution of marriage goes further back than we realize. Of course it was the joining of ONE man and ONE woman for procreation and continuation of the human race. The court has no authority to overturn natural law, and in considering doing so, the justices are overstepping their powers to dispense justice.

Who are they to go against the many citizens who are up in arms at the possibility of changing an ancient law? I think they should throw the case out and never entertain the subject again.

James Caggiano