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Company in Attleboro school lunch snafu can’t just blame workers

WHITSONS SCHOOL Nutrition claims they investigated the situation where students in Attleboro were deprived of lunch because their credit was overdrawn and determined that several employees had violated school district policies so they were disciplined or fired (“Company fires some in school lunch incident,” Metro, April 6).

I spent my career in industry implementing quality and productivity improvements. Whenever a quality deviation or procedural deviation was uncovered, I would request a corrective action from those in charge.

The most frequent response that I would receive was that the problem was caused by “operator error” and the person had been disciplined or fired. I never accepted such an explanation. One has to look for root causes of problems. It’s hard to believe that the food workers in question were just being mean that day and decided to punish the children and throw away their food.


Why did they think this was the right thing to do? Was the training that they received adequate and correct? Were these people capable of handling the responsibilities that they were given? Were they so rushed that they didn't have time to do the correct thing?

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There are probably many more questions of this kind to be asked and answered. Simply saying that we fired the bad people is not the right answer, and doesn’t assure that the problem will not happen again.

John Finn