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    letters | a school cafeteria out to lunch?

    Why was candy on Attleboro’s cafeteria menu?

    WHILE THERE is plenty to be concerned about with the denial of lunch for 26 students at Coelho Middle School in Attleboro last week (“No lunch money means no meal. And a school in an uproar,” Page A1, April 5), I can’t help but notice that the disallowed lunch that was planned by the 11-year-old featured in the story was “an apple and two Twizzlers.”

    Seriously? We need to do a far better job to make sure that we provide our children the means to eat a proper, balanced meal.

    I’m confused about why Twizzlers are even an option at the school. What 11-year-old is going to voluntarily eat veggies when candy is on the menu?

    Brian Boisvert