Letters | Terror at the Marathon

Scrap political correctness, and start targeting the threats among us

Farah Stockman’s column about the new generation of Islamic terrorists made a lot of sense to me until the last paragraph (“Terrorism’s ‘homegrown wannabes,’ ” Op-ed, April 23), when she quotes author Marc Sageman as saying, “The answer is to wait for another fashion to come along and inspire these kids.”

First, the two people suspected of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings weren’t kids. They were adults who could vote and enlist in our armed forces.

There are things we can do besides waiting for the next bomb. We can monitor jihadist websites. We can teach people to look for signs of radicalization and religious extremism. We can stop the nonsense of political correctness, and provide more scrutiny to people who fit the profile of a potential terrorist. This would include targeting some of the white supremacy groups as well as radical Islamists.


Waiting for this to go away is wishful thinking. With the ease of acquiring weapons and explosives, we need to be proactive. Too much is at stake.

Gilbert Stein

Aptos, Calif.