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Gomez needs to show us more than tired slogans

So, Republican senatorial candidate Gabriel Gomez paints Democrat Edward Markey as the “poster boy for term limits.” But consider:

Markey’s constituents have returned him to office over and over. Does Gomez think that they are too stupid to elect someone better, if that person should present herself or himself?

Markey just won a resounding victory in a statewide primary. Many of those who voted for him have never seen Markey’s name on a ballot before.


Markey’s Democratic challenger, Stephen Lynch, received more than 40,000 more votes than all three Republican candidates put together, and he lost to Markey by double digits.

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If Gomez expects to be a credible candidate in June, he’d better jettison the tired slogans and offer some intelligent ideas.

Jonathan J. Margolis