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    Time to wipe the gloss off Gomez campaign

    I sense the media’s juices flowing as they start creating the Cinderella tale of Gabriel Gomez, son of a Colombian immigrant risen to Navy Seal, self-made millionaire, and now candidate for Senate. Didn’t they do a similar storybook routine with Scott Brown, and didn’t we see the result of that project — a compromised health care plan, a watered-down financial reform bill, and a self-proclaimed bipartisan senator who voted Republican whenever they needed him?

    I think it’s time to ask Gomez questions about his positions. Does he favor repealing sequestration? How does he propose dealing with rising health costs? What’s his position on changing Social Security or bombing Syria? How would he deal with drugs in Mexico, nuclear weapons in Iran, immigration reform, and austerity vs. stimulus?

    Which companies did Gomez deal with while working in private equity, and why is being a businessman useful to a politician? Mitt Romney couldn’t seem to answer questions about his business background satisfactorily in his presidential campaign.


    If Gomez is so liberal that he “supported” Barack Obama and is in tune with Massachusetts, why isn’t he a Democrat? Is he willing to take money from Karl Rove and the Koch brothers, and what is his opinion of the Tea Party?

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    It’s time for the media to stop with the fairy tales. Just the facts, ma’am.

    Jane Duderstadt