Letters | Differing views on ‘Boston Strong’

Bowing to diversity at our own peril

After the Boston Marathon bombings, the Globe published letters from the left that appeared to be upset that Bostonians celebrated the end of the weeklong ordeal through various demonstrations of pride in the city, its officials, and its citizens who helped bring it to an end. Two such letters were published May 1: “Why does it take attacks to unite us?” and “Let’s end orgy of self-congratulation.”

I respect the right of those who voice differing opinions and the Globe for attempting to maintain a balanced and unbiased presentation of them; however, because there are so many out there who have a painfully erroneous perception of what America is or should be, I am concerned for the future of our nation.

The so-called politically correct, progressive generation seems to have learned nothing from the history of the world and our nation. Respect for and acquiescence to diversity, in place of demanding acclimation, has virtually destroyed Europe. This appears to be where we are headed.


It seems like eons ago that pride, unity, and willingness to work combined to make this nation strong and viable in the world economy. It is my fervent hope that the “Boston Strong” expressions we now witness are but the groundswell of a national revival of these long-lost values, and that we will emerge more American and stronger for it.

Donald Baker

North Chelmsford