Letters | Race for the Senate

Time for voters to opt for new blood

Voters talk a lot about how much they want change. Let’s see how much change they really want with the special senatorial election here in Massachusetts.

I figure they’ll just elevate to the Senate the man who has been in the House of Representatives for the last 36 years, Democrat Ed Markey, instead of the young upstart, Republican Gabriel Gomez, who is running against him.

I believe in new blood — in business and in government. We need it. I’m the same age as Markey, and I probably couldn’t even get a job parking cars. But with politicians, it’s different. They never know when to walk away, and voters never know when to send them packing.


Nothing is certain but death, taxes, and change. We can never put a shine on the first two, but the third can sometimes bring pleasant surprises.

Robert Christino