Look around — Obama still has work to do on easing inequality

Barack Obama wasn’t kidding when he pointed out, during the 2008 presidential campaign, that income inequality in the United States was greater than at any time since the Great Depression, though since he took office, how often has he made that an issue? The story about problems with renovations at the Belmont Country Club (“With makeover costing $28.8m, a clubby atmosphere vanishes,” Page A1, May 21) provides a rare glimpse into the income inequality in our own backyard.

The story notes that it costs as much as $65,000 to join the club, and that members pay another $22,000 a year in fees. To a lower-middle-class proletaire, the thought of that kind of money being spent for golf and cocktails — that is to say, for fun — is mind-bending, astonishing, virtually incomprehensible.

The United States is an explicitly egalitarian society, according to the Declaration of Independence.


Or is it a country of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich?

Richard McNally