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    There must be a way to repair the dysfunction

    The “Broken City” series article about Representative Rick Nolan of Minnesota resonated with me, as I visited the Capitol in April (“Not the Congress he used to know,” Page A1, May 28). My daughter and I were fortunate to have a private tour of the building conducted by a Capitol historian. Just as Nolan did in the article, our guide commented about the dysfunction of the present Congress.

    He noted that in the past senators and representatives used to live in the area, their children attended local schools, they went to their children’s athletic and arts programs, and they tended to fraternize after hours. They got to know each other and respect the very people with whom they had major differences.

    Nolan has found a big difference from when he served 30 years ago. What happened? More important, how do we fix it?

    Pauline Burke