Attack on Boston union chief is a swipe at all teachers

Once again, Scot Lehigh (“Teachers union nod? No thanks,” Op-ed, May 31) seems to have forgotten the definition of a union, which, according to the World English Dictionary, is “an association, alliance, or confederation of individuals or groups for a common purpose.” According to its mission statement, the Boston Teachers Union is just that: a group of individuals whose common purpose is to “work with the community to ensure our schools are the best as they can be” and to “promote the strengthening of public education.”

To caricature the union’s president as a vampire and one who blocks progress is an easy out and insulting to all public school teachers who make up the union and therefore are also victims of Lehigh’s attack.

He bemoans the union’s stand against lengthening the school day without paying teachers for working longer hours. He decries that the teachers “insisted that, on top of yearly raises, its members also had to be paid their hourly rate for any additional time.”


Apparently Lehigh believes teachers should volunteer to work extra hours for no compensation. This is just another rush to judgment against teachers by the increasingly anti-union Globe. As a public school teacher and union member, I am insulted.

Elizabeth Hegarty