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Devil really is in the details on health care reform

RE “Obamacare is facing death by a thousand cuts” by Michael Capuano (Op-ed, May 29): I was deeply touched by Representative Capuano’s moving tribute to the Massachusetts congressional delegation for remaining “diligent, honest, and above all, prepared to continue this struggle for America.” This, we must assume, is in contrast to the wanton, devilish, and dishonest Obamacare opponents who are prepared to continue their struggle for hell.

Such reasoning is the only remaining defense for the unreadable, mutually exclusive, unfunded provisions of Obamacare, which is facing death by the thousand cracks now appearing it its foundations.

It appears as if those who endure the agony of watching it fall apart will need to blame the collapse exclusively on those who did not vote for it in the first place.

Richard E. Ralston

Executive director

Americans for Free Choice

in Medicine

Newport Beach, Calif.