Democrats, GOP are no match for power of money (and its inequities)

Jeff Jacoby’s June 5 op-ed column “What sequester? When the economy is pinched, Washington, D.C., feels no pain” is right on the mark.

When it come to money, the Republicans and Democrats are more like Coke vs. Pepsi (similar product, different marketing), with the venom of the Yankees vs. the Red Sox (the other guy is evil).

Budget cuts are directed primarily at the young (education), the old (Medicare and Social Security), the working class (failing infrastructure, little job training), and the assistance to states and localities that provide many of the services that most of us enjoy.


Meanwhile, Congress authorizes the Abrams tank (even the Army doesn’t want it) and other expensive weaponry designed for the battlefield (terrorists don’t operate on a battlefield).

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The pharmaceutical industry is exempt from Obamacare, and big banks are too big too fail, while an army of Armani-clad lobbyists ensures that our
tax dollars are directed their way.

Robert Gilstein