As with farm bill, let’s see a measure to protect fishermen

While the debate over fishing quotas goes on, there is little discussion about assistance to seasoned fishermen (“Fishing limits may be inexact, but reflect a real problem,” Editorial, June 10). Those who have worked their entire lives at this profession should be treated the same as farmers, if not given priority treatment.

The massive farm bill going through the House basically entitles huge conglomerates, in part by subsidizing them for not planting or farming. The same type of bill should be given to established fishermen, allowing them to maintain their lifestyle and the upkeep of their vessels while we look at why certain species cannot rebound.

Has anyone noticed the seal population explosion? They’re cute but vastly destructive.


Instead of filing lawsuits that only the lawyers win, let’s get the Massachusetts delegation to begin a fishermen’s bill and attach it to the farm bill.

Allan Petersen


International Seafood Network Inc.