Huntington plays lead role on Calderwood Pavilion

Thank you for the June 11 editorial celebrating the Huntington Theatre Company’s receiving the 2013 Tony Award for regional theater. The honor was made sweeter by sharing the night with our friends at the American Repertory Theater as the national spotlight shined bright on Greater Boston’s stellar theater scene.

Boston Center for the Arts president Veronique Le Melle’s June 17 letter in response to the editorial (“A fuller picture of Calderwood Pavilion’s story”) may have left readers with the impression that the Huntington was not one of the parties that “built” the Calderwood Pavilion. In fact, in a unique partnership with the BCA, the City of Boston, and the Druker Company, the Huntington’s role was to design and build a theater complex in an empty shell and core provided by the partnership. To do so, the Huntington alone raised $14 million through a capital campaign.

The Huntington is also wholly responsible for the management and operations of the Calderwood Pavilion through 2050 at a current annual cost of $800,000. The Huntington receives $83,000 in annual rent from the BCA and $267,000 in rents and fees from tenants. Huntington donors contribute the remaining $450,000 in annual subsidy.

Michael Maso

Managing director

Huntington Theatre