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Cyclists need to drop holier-than-thou attitude and reckless behavior

DERRICK Z. Jackson hits the nail on the head (“To get respect, cyclists need to show some, too,” Op-ed, June 23). Something has changed in today’s urban bicycling culture, as cyclists adopt a holier-than-thou attitude: “I am green, and you behind the wheel of a car (even in a non-gas guzzling, efficient, environmentally smart vehicle) are bad.”

Well, as in most things in social interactions and relationships in society and living, it takes two to tango. Twice in the last four months I have mercifully only gently bumped cyclists with my front bumper as they came upon my car out of nowhere. In both case they were riding against traffic.

Let’s return to common sense rules of the road, obeyed by all, for our streets, sidewalks, and roadways. Let’s have bikers who bike because they want to, not because they are making an ideological, social, even political statement.

Stephen J. Nelson