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Keep nuisances out of Bay State

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UNLIKE JENNIFER Graham (“Fireworks freedom,” Op-ed, July 1), I’m glad that Massachusetts is one of the wimpy states where fireworks are illegal. Graham mocks the statutes designed to protect the safety and peacefulness of our Commonwealth as nannyism at its worst, but I consider it nannyism at its best. Around this time of the year, knuckleheads in my neighborhood routinely set off firecrackers at 2 or 3 in the morning. A teenaged boy who lived a few doors down used to toss firecrackers out his window all night long.

Graham might consider that sort of thing a grand expression of patriotism. I consider it a public nuisance and a grand pain in the butt. The last thing I want to see is for the legislators of Massachusetts to make it easier for numskulls of the Bay State to get their hands on loud explosive toys. If that makes Graham unhappy, I can direct her to a nice general store in South Carolina, where she can find fireworks and beer. Maybe she can also buy guns and ammo there, too.

Steve Nadis