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    letters | demographic tides in the middle east

    Numbers don’t alter human rights

    JEFF JACOBY doubts that the Palestinians will ever become a majority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, and implies this means there is no occupation, segregation, and domination of the Palestinian people (“The myth of the inevitable Jewish minority in Israel,” Op-ed, June 26).

    But why should a people have to be a majority for their plight to be recognized?

    In 1965, African-Americans were only 40 percent of Mississippi. Suppose whites had said that, since they were only a minority, this meant they were not living under segregationist domination. And that, unless they someday exceeded 50 percent of Mississippi’s population, Mississippi wasn’t under Jim Crow segregationism.


    Beyond this absurdity, Jacoby even claims that since the Palestinians are only a minority, any moral “pressure on Israel to do something” is “artificial.” By that logic, since black Mississippians were only a minority, it ended any “artificial” moral pressure on white Mississippians to do anything about Jim Crow.

    James Adler