After axing South Shore weekend trains, T wants us to pay more now?

JULY 7 marks the first anniversary of the South Shore losing its weekend and holiday commuter rail service. The more than 20 towns that comprise the Plymouth/Kingston and Greenbush service areas should be outraged that even after losing service, our districts are being asked to pay higher taxes to fund future commuter rail expansion to areas far less populated than ours.

The MBTA might have expected legislators to rush to the agency’s aid on funding after the elimination of weekend service, but it has had the opposite effect. The only losers are South Shore taxpayers whose trains gathered dust over this holiday weekend, while the T offered free late-evening service on other lines to view the Boston fireworks. If this is the T’s divide and conquer strategy, it has failed miserably.

Richard S. Prone


The writer served on the Old Colony and Greenbush Citizens Advisory committees.