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    Clear case that state trooper crossed the line

    At last, some sanity on the issue of State Police Sergeant Sean Murphy’s violation of the duty of his office (“Hero photographer, or sloppy cop?” Op-ed, July 26). Lawrence Harmon was right on when he said that Murphy, who leaked photos of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s capture, needed to “contemplate the difference between an act of honor and an act of self-righteousness.”

    Murphy, as a police officer, needs to keep his emotions in check, as Harmon pointed out. If he can’t in this case, how would he react in a case where he had to arrest someone whom he found odious?

    Those supporting Murphy simply don’t understand, for reasons that escape me, why police officers need to be above such acts of self-righteousness. Fortunately, Harmon does.

    Michael Cleveland

    Lyndeborough, N.H.