Without quorum, agency boards’ votes are meaningless

RE “Failure to get quorum didn’t stop state panels” (Page A1, July 28): “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised” clearly states that “in the absence of a quorum, any business transacted is null and void.”

I have served on various civic, service, and town organization boards as member or chairman, and the first thing BEFORE even starting the meeting is to be sure a quorum of members is present. This is just basic to running an official meeting.

Your reporter writes that James Lampke, executive director of the Massachusetts Municipal Lawyers Association, says that “occasional errors are inevitable in government.” Perhaps Lampke thinks this is OK, but I do not.


This is a matter of just following the rules, and these boards under the state Department of Public Health did not. What will THIS DPH lapse cost us taxpayers? What will the next failure be for the agency?

Harry Haldt