Warren’s accessible — who cares if it’s not in hallway of the Capitol?

In “Senator? Senator? In the hallway, good luck” (Page A1, Aug. 2), reporters Noah Bierman and Matt Viser complain that Senator Elizabeth Warren won’t stop in Capitol corridors to talk. Well, boo-hoo.

This complaint seems to be all about them. Accosting elected officials in the hallway may make some reporters’ jobs easier, but the throwaway comments they then can print don’t add much to the national conversation.

Bierman and Viser report that Warren says, “I want to be able to talk about the issues in depth, and I don’t think that works very well in the hallway.” She advises them to make an appointment. As a constituent, that’s fine with me.


Get over Warren’s quirks, make some appointments, do some digging, and give readers a thoughtful report on the issues of the day.

Karen Cord Taylor