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    Liberty Mutual, Market Basket: Greed ingrained in corporate culture

    On Aug. 27 a front-page article about Liberty Mutual (“Benefits to get smaller at Liberty Mutual”) and an editorial about Market Basket (“Appeasing greedy heirs”) really brought home to me the fact that greed has become so ingrained in our society today that many people just take it for granted.

    We are increasingly living in a bifurcated society of rich and poor. I have read many articles about the causes of this polarity, but few address blatant greed. Most of us know about the shameful greed on Wall Street, but this has spread to many corporate cultures, with only a few exceptions.

    While the executives of Liberty Mutual lavish themselves with riches and scions of the Market Basket founding family demand millions as their birthright, this money comes from helpless working-class people, driving them further down the income scale.


    Have we no shame in our society anymore?

    Robert Antall