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    letters | unions still alive and kicking

    Right wing seeks to divide workers

    TOM KEANE ends his article writing that unions, once champions of the middle class, are now the enemy (“Organized labor is on the ropes,” Op-ed, Sept 1). Wrong! The enemies of the middle class are the Washington pro-business and anti-labor lobbyists and the congressmen who succumb to their bribery in the form of campaign contributions.

    If union membership in the private sector is indeed but 6.6 percent, how much of that decline is because both union and non-union jobs have been shipped overseas? While it is true that most undocumented immigrants own property and pay taxes, what is the percentage of those immigrants who work under the table and for a lot less money, no benefits, and of course, no taxes taken from their pay?

    For years, right-wingers have been sniping at unions. Their goal: create division among workers, pitting non-union against union, private-sector union members against public-sector. It appears that the strategy has to some degree worked.


    It is not the first time that Americans would act or vote against their own interests. If the sniping were reversed the right would cry “class warfare”; meanwhile the middle class continues to decline while battling within.

    Ron Pagliarulo