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We might take offense instead at all those showy nods to the heavens

Jennifer Graham got her flashy moment by hand-wringing over the fact that mothers are teaching children to swear (“Blasphemy is the new ‘wow,’ ” Op-ed, Oct. 21) by using the Lord’s name in vain with expressions such as “OMG” and “Oh my God!” While I concede that some may take offense at the public use of “God” in a benign phrase expressing wonderment, I think Graham might have gotten more mileage by writing about adults’ habit of kneeling in ostentatious prayer before a football game, thanking God when they’ve won an Oscar, or pointing skyward in thanks when they hit a home run. Surely this kind of “Look what I got!” expression is a more offensive use of the Lord’s name than a mild oath of amazement.

Jean Cummings