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    letters | resolution to boycott Israel

    Boycott alienates liberal Jews

    Boycotts can be effective if their targets and objectives are well-chosen, but the result of the resolution by the American Studies Association will have the opposite effect of what its supporters supposedly want. The boycott alienates many liberal Jews like me who oppose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s expansion of settlements and his government’s treatment of Palestinians because it singles out Israel for unique condemnation.

    I encourage those who want to heal the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to get involved politically with groups working toward a viable and fair two-state solution, to speak out in favor of Secretary of State John Kerry’s diplomatic efforts, and especially to learn about and support the dozens of Arab-Jewish peace-building projects that get little publicity.

    How is it that the ASA resolution is worldwide news, but well-established small, successful peace-building projects with extraordinary leaders and staff are rarely mentioned in our media?

    Harriet Feinberg