What’s one giraffe in the great animal slaughter

WHAT’S WITH all the hand wringing about killing a zoo giraffe and feeding it to lions? At least they didn’t feed it to people, like some bush meat!

This is precisely what is happening to much of what remains wild in our world. And what of the industrial slaughterhouses we use to feed the demand for chicken breast and beef loins on styrofoam packaging in our innumerable markets?

If those kids at the Copenhagen Zoo were traumatized (and I do not know that they were), then perhaps it was a good lesson in how the human species has turned other species into either objects for our own insatiable consumption or cute objects to be gawked at in zoos.


We kill millions of animals all the time, without pause. The protesting and moral outrage raised by a voracious species over the death of a single giraffe is beyond my understanding.

Joseph Misdraji