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    Stop the name-calling, Senator Warren

    With classic irony, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s announcement to run for reelection is a great example of the demagoguery she purports to oppose (“Warren says she’ll run again: ‘This is no time to quit,’ ” Page A1, Jan. 7). It simply cannot be true that all Donald Trump supporters are “billionaires” and “bigots” who wish to “crush the working people” of the Commonwealth.


    Indeed, as she wrote in an e-mail to supporters, Warren was not sent to Washington to “roll over and play dead.” Rather, she was sent to represent her constituents, many of whom are working people who might well have voted for Trump. In this contentious time, we should expect all of our elected officials, regardless of party affiliation, to do their best to find common ground and work for the common good. Stopping the name-calling would be a good start.

    Scott Simpson, Carlisle