Imagine an end to political strife? A dreamer (but not the only one)

Nick Cafardo asks his readers to imagine, as in John Lennon’s “Imagine,” a country free of political strife because of the “healing effect” of the game of baseball (“A diamond in the rough?” Sports, June 14). One would need to imagine further.

Imagine if there were no lobbyists, if there were no campaign fund-raising, if there were no talking heads on television spewing venomous rhetoric.

Imagine if those same talking heads, the so-called spin masters, did not interpret for us what we hear with our own ears.


Imagine if bipartisanship did not mean one party’s way or the highway.

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Imagine keeping campaign promises.

Imagine politicians not claiming to know God’s will for the rest of us.

Imagine a world of live and let live.

Just imagine.

Ron Pagliarulo