Lies and the lying lobbyists who tell them

The greatest problem in Washington is not polarization but lying.


One-sided views of Israel take us further away from two-state solution

“Pieces that vilify Israel and show no sympathy for its fears only serve to make Israeli Jews feel more isolated.” — David Lobron


It’s men-only at Newton club but, thankfully, not in the US Senate

“Hopefully, the old boys in Newton had indigestion Wednesday morning.” — Ann LoDolce


Anti-boycott forces are waging the wrong battle

“BDS is primarily the result of a problem, not its cause. That problem is Israel’s occupation and continuing settlement project in the West Bank.” — Michael Felsen


Harsh view of photographer doesn’t click with this reader

“Elsa Dorfman is known the world over, and it’s not just for pushing a button.” — Margo Howard


Harvard Square’s real estate challenges are no joke

“The local stores that made Harvard Square what it is are being forced out by large national chains.” — Tim Shaw

Dante Ramos

Will Betsy DeVos fix Obama’s toxic campus sexual assault policy?

Many institutions have lowered the standards of evidence necessary to deem a student responsible for sexual assault.


Gov. Baker matches technocratic know-how with compassion — and a few tears

Baker is perfecting the model of technocrat with just enough heart to satisfy 7 out of 10 voters in a state that went bigly for Donald Trump’s opponent.

Opinion | Edward J. Markey

Protecting the Affordable Care Act was in Trump’s oath of office

His vow to “let Obamacare fail” goes against his oath of office.


The collapse of the taxi-medallion shakedown

The medallion system was always an outrage. Regulators had no business determining how many cab belonged on the road.


Report of perilous conditions throws harsh light on N.H. VA

A Spotlight report citing inadequacies at the VA hospital in Manchester, N.H., drew reaction from readers.


Justice system suffers when lawyers for the poor are denied bargaining rights

“A defect in state law denies us the collective bargaining rights other state employees have.” — Jennifer Rosenthal


The human cost of Trump’s health care tantrum

Donald Trump’s comments on Tuesday mark an astonishing abdication of responsibility.


The GOP doesn’t need a new health care plan. They just need to rebrand Obamacare

A modest proposal for Senate Republicans.

Michael A. Cohen

Obamacare repeal is dead — long live Obamacare

Once a government benefit is created it is almost impossible to take it away.

Renée Graham

Is this R. Kelly’s ‘Cosby moment’?

It’s way past time for fans to recognize that R. Kelly is a sexual predator.

Opinion | Katherine Franke

Boycotts are an essential form of democratic protest — don’t ban them

The proposal on Beacon Hill is out of step with the values of free speech and political protest.


‘My family needs me’: Janitor facing deportation makes an appeal from jail

“I have never had to ask anyone for help before. But it is so hard for me now, away from everyone in this place.” — Francisco Rodriguez


Doing away with grades helps foster lifelong learners

“The greatest benefits of learning without grades come not during the college application process, but before and after.” — Joshua Abrams and Todd Sumner


When you factor in cost of disposal, repair sounds like the smart move

“Another factor in decisions to toss out and replace large items should be the increasing financial cost to dispose of many of them.” — Claire Galkowski


Exclusive clubs can’t be image Harvard wants to project

“At unenlightened colleges, secret exclusive clubs foster camaraderie and connection for the few while excluding most students.” — Norma D. Floyd


Lobbyist or legislator? Brian Dempsey can’t be both

Dempsey, of Haverhill, needs to resign his seat quickly to eliminate any perceptions of conflict of interest.

Dan Wasserman

The GOP effort to cure dependency

Mitch McConnell explains what’s going on with the Republican health care plan.


China is eating Trump’s lunch

Xi Jinping means to restore Chinese dominance in Asia.


Elizabeth Warren vs. a ‘hateful’ president

Routinely identified as a potential 2020 presidential candidate, Warren has Donald Trump’s taunting attention.


Is there no escape from Paul LePage?

“I can’t even escape LePage’s idiocy by reading The Boston Globe.” — Maureen Milliken


Donald Jr. is no joke either

“The more evidence that accumulates confirming what many of us really know but have hoped against hope isn’t true . . . the sadder it becomes.” — Daniel Hart


The value of family ties in the presidency

“FDR used his son as a daily sounding board. . . . Why do you see only negatives in the close Trump family relationships?” — Ross Terrill


Don’t wait 50 years for another ‘Imagine Boston’

“There should be great skepticism about Boston’s ability to execute the plan as imagined for one looming reason: math.” — Derek Shooster


Institute a skills-driven national service

“Maybe it’s time to institute a national draft, making it a “smart” draft.” — Robert C. Dolezal


Update Mass. laws to break child sexual abuse cycle

Massachusetts state Senator Joan B. Lovely was sexually abused as a 6-year-old by a maternal uncle, trauma that ultimately has led her to file comprehensive legislation to protect kids.

Opinion | Niall Ferguson

Donald Trump and John F. Kennedy are more similar than you think

The resemblances between the two presidents are more than merely superficial.

Opinion | Stan Rosenberg and Jim Welch

Fixing health care the right way

Governor Baker’s proposals represent some creative thinking, but all stakeholders need to be at the table.

Renée Loth

The country needs help. Send lawyers, press, and bureaucrats

Three of our culture’s most maligned professions are now poised to be saviors of the republic.


Ipswich needs to remember John Wise

“Wise and other Ipswich leaders went to jail for their stand for democracy.” — Edmund Traverso


Remembering the Summer of Love

“The Haight was an accidental mecca, a rich blend of talent and appreciation.” — Merimée Moffitt


The ‘bias’ of artificial intelligence

“AI will depend decreasingly on human intervention for its thinking and increasingly on its self-programming, as “machines” learn more and more heuristically.” — Keith Tidman


Mental health, inmate safety, solitary confinement

“It is never the role of Massachusetts corrections officials to harm or inflict damage on people in our custody.” — Sheriff Michael G. Bellotti


From bad to worse on guns

Would tossing guns into Washington’s toxic stew really make lawmakers safer?


Freedom’s just another name for less coverage and more paperwork

Today’s lawmakers aren’t planning for the evolving needs of an aging population. Quite the opposite.

Opinion | Ömür Budak

One year after coup attempt, Turkey is still battling terrorism

We are working hard to ensure the security of the country while safeguarding the freedoms of our people.


Reagan, Trump, and the New Independents

Readers respond to July 11 op-eds by Diane Hessan and Jeffrey Sachs.

Michael A. Cohen

The White House puts out lies, lies, and more lies. How about an apology?

The president is peddling obvious, self-refuting nonsense.

Renée Graham

Welcome the ‘truth in death’ movement

In obituaries, surviving family members are refusing to regard addiction as an embarrassment, choosing instead to lift the veil on the all-consuming struggle.


A nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown

A Greenpeace staffer demonstrates that it’s an anxious time in America.


Distorted view of ‘supply and demand’

“Perry simply happened to be governor when fracking technology had its breakthroughs.” — Paola Massoli


Couldn’t you find a better photo?

“The handsome young black man who is the focus of the image appears to wear an expression of annoyance, which does not correspond to the positive message of the article.” — Wendy deLemos


Tenants seek ownership of Chinatown housing

Readers respond to Kathleen Conti’s July 7 article regarding Mass Pike Towers in Chinatown.


Compare nurse wages at Tufts

“The nurses are asking in the high $60s per hour. A good wage for a tough job.” — Phil Harding

Opinion | Leila Philip

10 cents for an inflatable unicorn horn for cats — how could I resist?

Welcome to the great American yard sale.