A Boston memorial to MLK is long overdue

“We have yet to recognize adequately King’s transformative legacy on our city and nation, as well as our own city’s role in shaping the man himself.” — Seth Riseman


Memories of King’s ’65 march in Boston come rushing back

“As we marched toward Boston Common, we passed a barroom, and a group of white men came out.” — Jon Maddox


A president’s conflicts of interest cannot be untangled by statute

“The only remedy for a presidential conflict of interest is vigilance.” — Brian R. Merrick


For women, injustices are still rampant in court of public opinion

“The venom that Carmen Ortiz encountered is similar to what any powerful woman still endures.” — Donna L. Halper

Opinion | Veronica Chambers

She dwells in possibility: the legacy of Michelle Obama

We’re too close to see it now: the full power and impact of Michelle Obama’s time as first lady.


Constitutional debate has been settled: Hate crime laws serve vital purpose

“Legislators have the right to recognize the odious nature of hate crimes by treating them differently in the laws that govern all of us.” — Robert O. Trestan


Hate crimes, like terrorism, target a wider field

“When group membership is the target of a crime, all other group members become victims.” — Keith Backman


A measure of crimes’ egregiousness acts as a remedy to our shameful past

“Elevating penalties to reflect the level of egregiousness of a crime motivated by hate is no different than elevating penalties based on the degree of criminal intent.” — James L. Sherley


This constituent appreciates the good fight Senator Warren is waging

“We are grateful she is doing her job with courage and integrity.” — Michael Shea


Joan Vennochi: Why is Carmen Ortiz being cast as Cruella de Vil?

The outgoing US attorney has a successful record by any prosecutorial standard.


With long-term deal, MBTA’s commuter rail network could thrive

Troubles with the service may be more the fault of the contract than the contractor.

Opinion | Stephen Crosby

Destination casinos are a catalyst for development

They are fulfilling their promise of broad-based economic development.

Opinion | Niall Ferguson

The ‘Wettergate’ delusion

The liberal media are pining for a scandal about Trump’s perveted sexual behavior. Here’s why that fantasy won’t happen.


The White House is not just another asset

Donald Trump is still unwilling to put America’s business ahead of family business.

Alex Beam

Watch out — Trump isn’t always wrong

We can stipulate that the president-elect is a congenital liar. But not everything he says is a lie.

Opinion | Paul Guzzi and Barry White

Committing to mental health

The state needs to make a firm commitment to reforming its mental health policies.


Don’t pin divided country on Obama

“When Obama’s approval ratings are well into the 50s, and those of Congress are in the low teens, I’d say Jacoby has misplaced the blame.” — Dave Griffiths


Obama struggled to tackle big problems — that’s not same thing as failure

“I don’t consider trying to fix the health care system or trying to stop endless wars . . . leading from behind.” — Berge Tatian


Eloquence aside, Obama paved a path straight to Trump

“Obama speaks beautifully, but he paved the way . . . for a successor a plurality of voters disdained.” — Paul Bloustein


Bumblebee’s fate affects us all, in ways large and small

“When plant pollinators don’t show up in time, the crops that rely on them are in trouble, and so are we.” — Liza Ketchum

Opinion | Jeffrey D. Sachs

US foreign policy — from primacy to global problem solving

Foreign policy in the coming years should address not only threats, but also opportunities.

Opinion | Elizabeth Warren

The GOP’s strategy for Obamacare? Repeal and run.

There’s no magic wand we can wave to simply snap back to our old system if Republicans decide to rip up the Affordable Care Act and run away.


Jeff Jacoby: Your tax dollars paid for a fish to use a treadmill

The 2017 Wastebook collects 50 examples of egregious projects paid for the US Treasury.

Renée Graham

Snowflakes face the fire

The Democrats can’t melt while opposing Trump.


#DearBetsy: Kangaroo courts won’t solve campus sexual assault problem

Even students accused of sexual assault deserve the chance to defend themselves.


In Pa. town, Trump’s America grew not from job woes but from an ache in the psyche

“The real story in Ford City is a vague sense of feeling left behind.” — Zack Rearick


Americans’ coastal arrogance cost Democrats their leadership

“Pretending we do not [live in Trump’s America] is likely why Democrats gave away American leadership.” — Perry Glasser


Who painted the American working class white?

“We might consider a black or Latina female home health aide to be the true face of the American working class.” — Laura Gates


It will take common purpose to work toward sustainability

“Until market forces and our common will turn us in a more sustainable direction, the status quo will prevail.” — Jerry Burke


Baker’s commendable health care cautions

Gov. Charlie Baker sent a much needed warning to Capitol Hill regarding the rush to repeal the Affordable Care Act.


Family has been stirred to activism (that’s one thing to thank Trump for)

“The country now has another five fully engaged members of the electorate.” — Erik Svenson


Let’s give Trump a chance to live up to his promise of greatness

“Trump may surprise us, as other presidents before him have.” — Robert F. Lovezzola


Trump aide Conway tries an absurd defense: Look into his heart

“Are we really meant to ignore Trump’s words?” — Richard M. Hunt


Who is the man behind the curtain?

“Reality television shows are the opposite of reality.” — Cathy Putnam

Michael A. Cohen

America is off the tracks

The most disorienting week in American politics just happened. And it could get worse.

Opinion | George J. Mitchell and Alon Sachar

The UN, Israel, and a path to peace

There was nothing in UN Resolution 2334 at odds with official US policy. We should have vetoed it anyway.


From Obama’s goodbye to Trump’s hello — what a contrast

“As Obama passes out of office next week, I’m afraid we will have seen the last dignified president of the United States.” — Jeffrey Green


Trump’s clash with CNN reporter portends a rough time for press freedom

“What was also disturbing was how the other members of the Fourth Estate then scrambled to get their questions in.” — Paul Silin Levenson


Terminal patients should be able to decide for themselves how to die

“These laws don’t force any patient or doctor to do anything they don’t want to do.” — Dr. Carl N. Brownsberger


Going strong after decades of jazz, Scullers’ Fred Taylor should not be let go

“Jazz has been [Fred] Taylor’s life, and he has enriched ours for more than 40 years.” — Terry Ann Knopf

Michael A. Cohen

Rex Tillerson is unqualified to be secretary of state

He doesn’t have rudimentary knowledge of major foreign policy issues that he’ll be dealing with.


The US needs answers on Trump and Russia

It will take a crowbar to pry the truth from Donald Trump.

Indira A.R. Lakshmanan

Ethics 101, or how to stop a slow-motion train wreck of US democracy

Donald Trump can still avert disaster by putting transparency and the country’s interests over his own.

H.D.S. Greenway

Trump shouldn’t meddle with the ‘One China’ policy

Managing China will be much more difficult if the United States disregards the longstanding policy.


It will take a fight to resist Trump’s brutishness

“The best way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him.” — Bryan L. Tucker


On Golden Globes stage, Meryl Streep pushes the envelope

“I sense she aligns with Hillary Clinton opposite the ‘deplorables.’ ” — Martin L. B. Walter


Appreciation for Streep’s sharp words at Trump

Reader Lucia Hotton has brief words of praise for Meryl Streep.


Opposition to death penalty has to be all or nothing

“The death penalty is wrong and must be opposed in all situations if we want our society to take its place in the civilized world.” — Jim Stewart


Killer’s words should not be part of death penalty equation

“Kill Dylan Roof. He more than deserves it. But for what he did, not for what he thinks.” — Art Cabral


Schools need to understand that boys are also victims of sexual violence

“Ignoring the victimization of boys hinders successful high school intervention programs.” — Richard L. Davis