Too soon to bask in glow of GOP tax bill

Readers rebutted Jeff Jacoby’s favorable view of the Republican tax bill.


Mass. needs a vision for Allston project that eyes regional transit

The state “will still have to step up and provide effective service to make West Station a success.”


Grateful for discussion of gender terms, but a critique is necessary

“The opening question, ‘Do you identify as cis?,’ rests on the assumption that being cisgender is a chosen identity.”

Ideas | David Scharfenberg

Trillions of dollars have sloshed into offshore tax havens. Here’s how to get it back

Offshore tax havens are a powerful engine of inequality.

Renée Graham

‘What about Hillary?’ is the new ‘What about Chappaquiddick?’

As the Russia investigation pushes forward, President Trump brings back a Watergate classic.


Debating the doctor’s role at the end of life

Assisted-suicide measures are under consideration in the Massachusetts Legislature.

A lighter take | Debra A. Klein

Trump refuses to evolve, politically or otherwise

Humor columnist Debra Klein imagines how Trump might react to his chief of staff’s recent comments.


In the age of e-commerce, the ‘Quill rule’ is more vital than ever

The case against allowing states to exert their taxing power over sellers in other states is stronger than ever.


A commander in chief who commands a lot of attention

Readers take a hard look at what we got by electing Donald Trump.


Joan Vennochi: Trump, the Pentagon Papers and ‘fake news’

Trump’s dream to destroy the press by undermining its credibility could become reality.


Trump supporters need to confront his racism

He’s your president, Donald Trump supporters. You need to speak up about his racism.


Trump’s curious bid to bring back earmarks

“Current laws give the wealthy and large corporations control over policy decisions.”

Opinion | Barbara Lee

One year later, the Women’s March is now a movement

Out of hardship has come a growing mandate for change.


Real alarm over false nuclear warning

In Hawaii the missile warning was false. But that has only stirred readers’ alarm over nuclear weapons.


Romney could be the moderate voice GOP needs

“He could be the leader who will finally give hope to a wing of the Republican Party that has been long repressed.”


Here’s the deal Democrats should offer to Trump

A reader floats a hard bargain, of sorts, for the Democrats to drive with President Trump over the border wall.

A lighter take | Debra A. Klein

Dealing with fallout from Hawaii’s false alarm

If you accidentally texted your boss and quit, thinking the end was near, Debra Klein has some ideas that could help.


Harvard, only you can save West Station

There’s a logjam in Allston that only Harvard can fix.

Opinion | Ohad Elhelo

Time for young Israelis and Palestinians to take matters into our own hands

A solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must come from new, younger leadership on both sides.


That GOP ‘tax scam’ is putting money in millions of workers’ pockets

Why isn’t Elizabeth Warren calling attention to the terrible things the new tax law is doing? Maybe because the new law isn’t doing terrible things.


Washington (bad) word games

Fallout from the president’s comments about immigrants has thrown a harsh light on party politics.


Meet gubernatorial hopeful Jay Gonzalez

An introduction to Democratic candidate Jay Gonzalez, a former state secretary of administration and finance.


Greening Widett Circle: Embrace the therapeutic value of trees

“Boston is a hub of intellectualization, but nature offers a restorative process that needs no words.”

Renée Graham

Racists don’t care about your resume

There’s no one more immune to reason than a racist.

Indira A.R. Lakshmanan

The rap sheet on Trump’s racism

His denial of racism is as risible as President Nixon’s “I am not a crook.”

Renée Loth

Zoning reform offers a path to economic equality and social integration

Zoning reform would help create more affordable housing and repair the state’s longstanding economic and racial disparities.

Opinion | Haider Warraich

Doctors should be allowed to help patients die

The Mass. Medical Society has dropped its opposition to medical aid-in-dying. So should the Legislature.

Opinion | John B. Kelly

The Mass. Legislature must say ‘no’ to assisted suicide

The state’s proposed “end-of-life options” bill would put my life and thousands in Massachusetts at risk.


Tony Blair is right: Vote again on Brexit

The UK needs a do-over debate on leaving the European Union.


Trump’s mental state still a subject of discussion — and concern

Two recent books on the president and his administration have stirred discussion.


Move beyond natural gas — new pipelines are a step back

“The Legislature must act decisively on climate policy that brings renewables and energy storage online.”


Frances McDormand rocks the look for our times

“I found it suddenly anachronistic to suggest that media consumers should interpret . . . high heels and pink lipstick” as meaning business.

Opinion | Niall Ferguson

Rages, scandal, chaos — it’s a normal White House

The first-year Trump White House is not much different from the first-year Clinton White House.

Opinion | Diane Hessan

The insults of our president

How do we deal with the president’s disgusting remarks, especially when our outrage is not making much of a difference?

Opinion | Margery Eagan

Using marijuana to fight the opioid crisis

Marijuana is helping pain sufferers get off opioids. The Mass. US attorney should declare it exempt from prosecution.


Give T fare revamp a chance — but enforce the contract

There are many things to like in the MBTA’s plan for a new fare collection system, if the T exercises vigilance over the contractor.

Alex Beam

The hypnotic simplicity of blue

America’s favorite color can be calm, authoritative, and of course, marketable.

Opinion | Michael Rosbash

Unflagging government support paves the long path to Nobel Prize in science

There are no end runs around basic research.

Dan Wasserman

How some celebrate MLK Day

Cartoonist Dan Wasserman offers his take on the news.


Revisiting Pentagon Papers highlights vital role of the press

“The far more important story is the role of a free and curated press in a functioning democracy.”


Trump’s comments can’t be what Emma Lazarus meant by ‘wretched refuse’

President Trump set off a furor with the crude comments he reportedly made about immigrants from certain countries.


Go on, California — blow up your lousy zoning laws

A radical bill in California offers an environmental and economic jackpot — and a lesson for Massachusetts.


Our Iran entanglements

Stephen Kinzer’s piece on US Iran policy drew a mixed reaction from readers.


China, US, Taiwan all have own interpretations of ‘one China’

“China wants the United States to follow the communiqués framework only, which marginalizes Taiwan.”


Fight is on to block Maine pipeline — ex-Texan says: Good luck with that

“I would say they should look at the case of my hometown, Denton, Texas.”


How newspaper publishers can take on Silicon Valley duopoly

Google and Facebook don’t do the painstaking work of developing sources and uncovering corruption, but reap enormous profits from those who do.


If there’s a problem with the presidency, don’t blame the Founders

The remedy for a flailing presidency is a better president.


Be it resolved: the year — and the tasks — ahead

Readers were moved to weigh in on the editorial board’s resolutions for 2018.

Renée Graham

Murder of trans advocate highlights the danger lurking in every home

Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien died in the place she should have felt safest.

Opinion | H.D.S. Greenway

The Pentagon Papers were ‘secret’ — but what made them important?

The astonishing thing about the Pentagon Papers is that such a fuss was made about them.