Now that probation case is over, it’s up to us to demand an end to patronage

“The time has come for the Legislature to crawl out from under this odious 19th-century practice.” — Allan Fierce


US should not skirt around term ‘genocide’ in Armenian remembrance

“I am deeply saddened that our national government has refused to recognize the Armenian genocide.” — John Meinhold


Mothers — and fathers — have life lessons to teach their daughters too

“The princess culture will not lead to more female technologists, CEOs, senators, and presidents.” — Cynthia McLain

Opinion | Matthew Bernstein

Jonathan Demme — a populist of the best sort

He didn’t trade on the lives of ordinary people; he celebrated them and, in the process, made these under-the-surface lives extraordinary.


What was Ivanka Trump doing on that panel anyway?

Why should anyone consider her a champion of female empowerment?

Richard North Patterson

Tax cuts are GOP’s weapon of choice in class warfare

Cue the tax fairy, that mythical figure who turns tax cuts for plutocrats into a boon for all.

Eric Fehrnstrom

Abortion rift puts Democratic militants in charge

Addition by subtraction is not an effective political strategy.


No man is entitled to forgive another man’s killer

By what right can anyone “forgive” the murder of another human being?


Mass. Democrats wade into Mideast waters

A proposal to declare Israeli settlements an obstacle to peace has roiled the state party.


The New Democrats bring their pitch to Boston

Would they meet with Donald Trump?

Renée Graham

Trump supporters still standing by their man

Trump’s supporters are ride-or-die because he’s giving them exactly what they voted for.

Opinion | Michael A. Cohen

Homeland Security’s John Kelly is unhinged

His threat-mongering is an embarrassment to every American.


Impure thoughts about the Democrats’ ‘purity’ test

The “purity” issue is pitting liberal Democratic activists against more pragmatic party leaders.


O’Reilly’s bigotry should have been enough to push sponsors away

“All those advertisers were willing to support O’Reilly through all manner of bigotry and bullying.” — Wendell Smith


Questions raised over Brady’s deal with charity

Tom Brady’s arrangement with Best Buddies has some readers seeing his philanthropy in a somewhat dimmer light.


Unions are not standing in the way of paid family leave for city workers

“City managers use the excuse that existing collective bargaining agreements prohibit the immediate implementation of this benefit.” — Damali Simmonds


Renew protected status for Haitians

President Trump shouldn’t let protective status for Haitians expire.

Opinion | Bjorn Lomborg

Making dollars count in Haiti

If you had an extra dollar to spend making Haiti stronger and more resilient, where should it go?

Opinion | Richard North Patterson

Running America like a (dysfunctional family) business

Welcome to the White House, where qualifications are optional, family is all, and a petulant patriarch rules by whim.

Opinion | Chris Bohjalian

Naming the Armenian genocide for what it is

The last stage in genocide is denial, and that denial becomes the first stage in the next one.

Alex Beam

The wingnuts abandon Trump

The alt-right crazies who took more credit than they deserved for Donald Trump’s election are now denouncing him.

Opinion | Michael Dukakis and Michelle Wu

Moving Winthrop Square proposal out of the shadows

We don’t have enough information to know if this proposed tower and legislative compromise is the best solution.


Cheers for the strong stance of ‘Fearless Girl’

The message of “Fearless Girl” is catching on, and it has only just begun.


By demonizing ideas, students are shutting down dialogue

“We cannot, nor should we, shut down ideas, no matter how repulsive we find those ideas.” — Marilyn R. Stern


Commuter campus once was central to UMass Boston mission, but now . . . ?

“State authorities determined that a permanent orientation toward serving [commuter students] would be central to the public campus’s mission.” — André Mayer


Defeating Trump’s French connection

Marine Le Pen is riding a wave of anti-immigrant populism that has propelled once-noxious views into the mainstream.

Michael A. Cohen

French election is a backlash to the backlash

Yes, Marine Le Pen finished second in Sunday’s round of voting, but she is a long-shot to win the election.


The anti-gay purge in Chechnya must be stopped

Homophobia in Russia isn’t just rampant; it’s the law.

Opinion | Mike Ross

Outsider praise makes a neighborhood hip

These places were great long before they were “discovered.”


Facing down population overload

Anne Bernays’s reflections on overpopulation prompted two very unique responses.


Many of us carry some disability with us, whether it’s visible or not

“I try not to judge strangers or friends in random encounters, while not knowing what personal challenges they may face.” — Lisa Rucinski


Not too late to realize a century-old vision for extended Emerald Necklace

“Wouldn’t it be wonderful to extend to other parts of Boston what has so greatly benefited the communities of Back Bay, Brookline, and Jamaica Plain?” — Anthony Reed


How to help Massachusetts retailers

Retail stores have taken a real hit in the last several years — and Massachusetts should look for ways to help.


Homeland Security, and insecurity

As DHS protects us from threats from without, others see threats from within.

Michael A. Cohen

The debasing of America

In Trump’s America, shocking political transgressions are daily occurrences.


Hiding something in those visitor logs?

Public access to White House visitor logs are crucial to government transparency.


The short life of Aaron Hernandez

Readers react to Aaron Hernandez’s apparent suicide in prison.


Climate change looms over waterfront real estate

“One option is to keep our heads in the sand and try to fend off catastrophe. A better choice would be for Massachusetts to step up.” — Larry Rosenberg


Release the White House visitor logs

“The White House belongs to the American people — all 324 million of us.” — Andrea Landry


People want corporations to pay their fair share in taxes

“We should start with the premise that everyone — especially the large companies who so effectively dodge taxes — plays by the same rules.” — Nathan Proctor

Renée Graham

Aaron Hernandez’s guilt doesn’t die with him

Massachusetts is one of several states with a centuries-old legal principle called “abatement ab initio.”


Bill O’Reilly types aren’t just a conservative problem

It’s a mistake to see the problem of sexual harassment through an ideological lens.

Opinion | Ban Ki-moon and Robert N. Stavins

Why the US should stay in the Paris climate agreement

Reducing emissions will not be cheap, but the greatest obstacles are political.

Opinion | Amy Rothenberg

Naturopathic medicine’s role in fighting the opioid crisis

Opioid medication should be prescribed only as a last resort.

Indira A.R. Lakshmanan

Money kept O’Reilly in his bully pulpit – and money pushed him out of it

With Bill O’Reilly out of the picture, Fox must clean up its off-screen culture.


Aaron Hernandez and a sober truth about second chances

Aaron Hernandez squandered every advantage, his outward muscle-bound strength masking the weakness inside.

Opinion | Karen Antman, Harris Berman, George Q. Daley, and Terence Flotte

After the March for Science, the fight must go on

For decades, science has been under attack. The assault is taking its toll.


Choosing, or refusing, dialysis

Readers share a range of experiences — for some it’s a lifeline, for others, a path to avoid.


Why Hillary won’t run, and why a woman can’t win

“Like Hillary, we women of a certain age have lived a life replete with the reality of gender bias.” — Mary Beth Fletcher


No amount of billions can buy someone a great mind

“There are people who suspect we all live in a simulation.” — Ron Evett