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the podium | Aaron Annable

US-Canada friendship extends to protecting citizens from terrorism

A threat to the United States is a threat to Canada, and vice versa.

The Podium | Sharon Marcus

Are catcalls free speech?

A catcalling video has sparked an unusual debate over when to curb the freedom of expression.

opinion | Ori Nir

Israel, US breaking up over two-state solution

The Obama administration has been trying to get Israel’s government to see that the current situation is damaging to everyone — to no avail.

opinion | Martha Minow

We must ensure everyone has access to equal justice

The justice system has become inaccessible to millions of poor people.

the podium | Jeanne Blake

Ebola and AIDS — how to avoid a replay

While there are parallels between these cases, there are stark differences that should help mitigate panic this time around.

the podium | Rory Gerberg and MaryRose Mazzola

Harvard’s sexual assault policy highlights the need for clarity

To set a standard for the nation, Harvard must establish an affirmative consent standard.

the podium | Michelle Holmes

US should look to West Africa for Ebola practices

The reflexive, historical impulse to treat Africans as inferior may have cost Americans in the response to Ebola.

the podium | Anne Morris

Expand conversation to include metastatic breast cancer

Those living with this incurable disease can feel excluded from the larger dialogue.

the podium | Nigella Hillgarth

A rare bipartisan effort to protect ocean habitats

The recent decade-long burst of designating large marine-protected areas around the world has some of its principal roots in Boston.

the podium | Joe Bergantino

Putin’s power play in detainments over journalism workshop

The executive director of the New England Center for Investigative Reporting gives his perspective on being held by Russian authorities.

the podium | David Miliband

Ebola response in West Africa must include community engagement

Unless the spread of the infection is contained at its source, then no amount of curative services will meet the need.

THE PODIUM | Cali Williams Yost

Egg freezing is a great perk, but it can’t be the only offering

The new benefit at Facebook and Apple is part of a comprehensive work-life strategy that includes lengthy maternity — and paternity – leave.

The Podium | Eileen Rudden

Will education technology be the next growth sector?

We should build a broad coalition to address this opportunity for Massachusetts.

the podium | Elizabeth Lunt and Michael Hussey

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial shouldn’t be in Boston

The Marathon bombings and the aftermath affected everyone in the metropolitan area.

The Podium | Yuly Fuentes-Medel

Let’s change the system for postdocs

It’s time to start fostering new role models for the next generation of scientists.

The Podium | Sheril Kirshenbaum

Postdocs in limbo? Expand your options

Let’s create new valves in the crumbling academic pipeline to ease some pressure.

the podium | Maydad Cohen

Why the Mass. Health Connector website will work

We have learned from our mistakes, enlisted outside expertise, and made significant improvements.

the podium | Alberto Godenzi

NFL should follow FIFA’s example

At the start of each game, team captains should read a brief statement against domestic violence.

the podium | Helen Drinan

I have breast cancer

The Simmons College president shares the story of her fight, which began after a mammogram in August.

the podium | Imraan Mir

India should accept disaster aid

The country needs the global community’s help in order to begin to truly take care of those affected by the September floods.

The Podium | Anne Bennett

Toxic information and the fight against Ebola

The unprecedented epidemic is not just a health crisis.


Arab allies key in fight against ISIS

President Obama understands that this battle is, at its core, a struggle for the future of the Sunni world.

The Podium

UN summit can accelerate momentum to a new approach to climate change

The goal now before negotiators is to produce a new international agreement for implementation in 2020.

The Podium

Amend Patients’ Bill of Rights to protect health care workers, too

Four years after the rollout of the measure, health care workers still have no right to safety.

The Podium

Technology is driving change in Colombia

While work remains, Colombia has clearly turned the page.

The Podium

Honor slain foreign correspondents by demanding more of their work

On the 15th anniversary of a reporter’s murder, his friend asks readers to pay tribute.

The Podium

How to prepare urban children for success in the 21st century

We must go beyond developing aptitude and proficiency on standardized tests.

opinion | Alex Pearlman

Scotland vote a success for democracy, UK’s future

The union will live to stand another day, but certainly not without significant government reforms.

opinion | H.D.S. Greenway

Scotland could have been like Denmark, but instead stays

No doubt a “yes” vote is a little like jumping off the diving board without knowing how much water is in the pool.

The Podium

Nuclear energy must be part of climate change strategy

Massachusetts leaders should not lose sight of the long-term benefits of nuclear energy.

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