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The Podium

Voices of New England - Local experts and advocates weigh in on the issues of the day.

The Podium

Technology is driving change in Colombia

While work remains, Colombia has clearly turned the page.

The Podium

Honor slain foreign correspondents by demanding more of their work

On the 15th anniversary of a reporter’s murder, his friend asks readers to pay tribute.

The Podium

How to prepare urban children for success in the 21st century

We must go beyond developing aptitude and proficiency on standardized tests.

opinion | Alex Pearlman

Scotland vote a success for democracy, UK’s future

The union will live to stand another day, but certainly not without significant government reforms.

opinion | H.D.S. Greenway

Scotland could have been like Denmark, but instead stays

No doubt a “yes” vote is a little like jumping off the diving board without knowing how much water is in the pool.

The Podium

Nuclear energy must be part of climate change strategy

Massachusetts leaders should not lose sight of the long-term benefits of nuclear energy.

The Podium

Correction: We regret the error

A Podium piece was removed because it appeared in another publication.

the podium

The Scottish vote: Precedent or Pandora’s Box?

The referendum reflects the fact that secessionist aspirations need not always lead to violent conflict.

The Podium

A penny for the courts

We need the legislature to find another penny in each tax dollar for our state courts.


After Ebola: Rebuilding Liberia’s health care infrastructure

A fleet of emergency shelters, tents, and other short-term strategies are inadequate not only for safe patient isolation, but also in the long-term.


Disabled students need proper technology, but TEACH Act isn’t the answer

Terry Hartle of the American Council on Education takes issue with the TEACH Act

The podium

Remembering James Foley: ‘His heart grew so big’

The reaction of Foley’s parents to his death is inspiring and instructive, Janet Wu writes.

The Podium

The enduring legacy of national service

Alan D. Solomont, dean of the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University, celebrates the 20th anniversary of AmeriCorps.

The Podium

Obesity epidemic: Lose now, save later

Insurers and Medicare are still not adequately funding weight loss treatment. That’s short-sighted.

The Podium

Teaching kids respect for guns doesn’t infringe on gun rights

I want to teach my daughter how to handle a gun, but I’m not willing for her to die doing so, writes educator and community advocate Susan Hamilton.


On education technology, college lobbyists are keeping disabled students behind

Kyle Shachmut asks why university lobbyists are objecting to accessible technologies.

The Podium

Busing in Boston — 40 years later

Lew Finfer of the Massachusetts Communities Action Network tells why forced busing in Boston was a failure.

The Podium

Run toward your future

Boston Marathon bombing survivor Heather Abbott has some inspiring advice for students.

The Podium

The road to Gaza’s demilitarization

The demilitarization of Hamas in Gaza is key to lasting peace, writes Israel’s Consul General Yehuda Yaakov.

The Podium

An essential movement in the face of wage inequality

Organized labor is key in the fight against income disparity, writes Veronica Turner of 1199SEIU.

The podium

Remembering James Foley: ‘His heart grew so big’

The reaction of Foley’s parents to his death is inspiring and instructive, Janet Wu writes.

To improve medical care, enlist pharmacists

Prescription to improve health care access: Your local pharmacist.

Opinion | The Podium

Don’t forget the cause behind Ice Bucket Challenge

In a post-ice-bucket-world, will any more people actually know what ALS is?


Westfield State trustees at fault in Dobelle debacle

Despite president’s past misdeeds, trustees failed to put safeguards in place, Mark C. Rogers writes.

The Podium

‘A sharp turn for the worse’ in Burma

Secretary of State John Kerry needs to press Burma on genuine democratization, writes retired Globe editorial writer Alan Berger.

The Podium

Safe access for women

Planned Parenthood President Marty Walz describes passage of a new law that responded to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the state’s buffer zone law.

The Podium

Expanding educational opportunity

A scholarship tax credit law could expand educational opportunity for students from low-income families while remaining revenue neutral for the state, write Ken Ardon of Salem State University and Jason Bedrick of the Cato Institute.

The Podium

Gordon College was misrepresented

Gordon College has been unfairly characterized with its so-called “request to discriminate,” writes Rev. Ray Hammond.

The Podium

A bittersweet Eid

This year’s Muslim celebration of Eid is tempered by the Boston Marathon bombings and violence in the Middle East.

The Podium

The long goodbye

Parishioner Arthur McCaffrey reflects on a decade of fighting to keep his church open.

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