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opinion | Bill Oates and Glen Shor

From the back office to the digital forefront

The goal of state government is to meet constituents’ needs wherever they are, in ways that work for them.

opinion | Michael A. Cohen

Three ways to increase gun safety in the home

Every day there resides among Americans a clear and present danger — millions of guns.

opinion | Michael A. Cohen

Debunking retreat argument against Obama’s foreign policy

Evidence shows that the US has not forsaken a role of global engagement.

opinion | Charles H. Yelen

Involve casino mogul Steve Wynn in Olympics bid

Getting Wynn into the game the right way would be like winning the gold.

opinion | Ron Friedman

Don’t dread the office holiday party, just fix it

Think back to the best workplace relationships you’ve ever had. How many of them started at a cocktail party?

the podium | Harry Spence and Edward Dolan

What the new Probation Department looks like

There is a sense of renewed energy and purpose throughout the department despite recent turmoil.

the podium | Vincent Rougeau

Ferguson puts spotlight on what we need to change

Perceptions of race and our culture’s relationship to deadly violence must be reexamined.

the podium | R. Robert Popeo

In cabinet hiring, Charlie Baker can accelerate gender equality

By hiring women, Baker will create better state outcomes.

the podium | Anthony A. Braga

Why Boston’s protests to Ferguson remained largely peaceful

There is an unusual reservoir of trust developed between the police and the city’s communities of color.

the podium | Karen Spilka

A hack-a-thon for government

How can Massachusetts help technology companies start, grow, and thrive here?

the podium | Drs. Elizabeth Oelsner and Michael Rosenbaum

‘Frozen’ offers lessons on quarantine tactic in Ebola fight

The Disney movie is a wonderful entry point to larger conversations about thinking before acting.

opinion | Justin Ellis

Ferguson yet another example of how America fails minorities

Black life is cheap, and accountability is a fallacy.

opinion | Johanna Wald

Ferguson shows America’s two systems of justice

We have been in a collective denial about the extent, reality, and real-world effects of our racial biases.

The Podium | Alan Berger

Obama is going soft on Myanmar’s military bosses

The continuing crimes against humanity cry out for sanctions and diplomatic pressure.

the podium | Donna Housman

Education policy lags behind research findings

Generally these advancements have not been translated into new thinking about how we best educate children.

the podium | Gary Christenson and Kimberley Driscoll

The next chapter for Mass. gateway cities

It is our hope that Governor-elect Charlie Baker will share his predecessor’s commitment and vision.

the podium | Michael Breen

Unilateral moves would derail Iran nuclear talks

Calls by some political leaders to enact additional sanctions now are shortsighted and counterproductive.

the podium | Nader Entessar and Kaveh Afrasiabi

Nuclear deal could reset US-Iran relations

It would be a pity if the unique opportunity for this breakthrough is somehow lost.

the podium | Yehuda Yaakov

Don’t rush into a deal with Iran

Tehran has a proven track record which cannot be ignored by anybody.

The Podium | Ayanna Pressley

How women can help stop gun violence

Cultural change is a key lever in this fight.

The Podium | Ira A. Jackson and Philip J. Edmundson

A new way to measure our progress

Among its many problems, the traditional metric, the gross domestic product, fails to measure whether our progress is sustainable.

opinion | Michael A. Cohen

Obamacare not in such a dire shape

It’s a travesty that the Supreme Court is once again going to look at the issue of whether the Affordable Care Act passes legal muster.

The Podium | john ward

Charlie Baker, for everyone’s sake, prove my mother wrong

Prove to her that you will use your power and expertise to help government function more efficiently and effectively.

THE PODIUM | Dick Couch and William Doyle

Former SEALs break comrades’ trust

The public should really never know the answer to the question of who killed Osama bin Laden.

The Podium | George Donnelly

Mass. needs its own budget office

A small agency, modestly staffed, could save taxpayers in the state hundreds of millions of dollars by avoiding ill-considered proposals.

The Podium | Michael J. Meurer and James Bessen

Congress needs to rein in patent trolls

The need for a workable remedy from Washington has never been higher.

the podium | Patrick Witt

A sexual harassment policy that nearly ruined my life

Harvard Law student Patrick Witt offers his own story as an example of how a well-intended policy can produce disastrous consequences.

the podium | Aaron Annable

US-Canada friendship extends to protecting citizens from terrorism

A threat to the United States is a threat to Canada, and vice versa.

The Podium | Sharon Marcus

Are catcalls free speech?

A catcalling video has sparked an unusual debate over when to curb the freedom of expression.

opinion | Ori Nir

Israel, US breaking up over two-state solution

The Obama administration has been trying to get Israel’s government to see that the current situation is damaging to everyone — to no avail.

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