Alex Beam

Perfect! (Or nearly so)

Ellen Goodman

The Boston Globe

In search of the perfect newspaper column.

Renée Graham

// Honor Heather Heyer by emulating her

This fight is everybody’s fight.


// Teamsters trial casts harsh light on film industry

The state should withdraw the financial cushion that shields the Teamsters from the consequences of its boorish behavior.


// Prevent a second Korean War by replacing the Kim regime

As long as Kim remains in power, the prospect of another Korean War will loom over East Asia.

Opinion | Carissa Antonia

// Why this millennial is choosing art school

The answer is simple and deeply personal.

Opinion | Steve Wessler

// Our schools’ secret shame: Anti-Semitism is a regular occurrence

How will these students react as adults if anti-Semitism rises significantly?


// The tides don’t care about petty human concerns

The mystery and meaning of the tides.

(FILES) This file photo taken on January 31, 2017 shows Kenneth Frazier, CEO of pharmaceutical company Merck, attending a meeting between US President Donald Trump and leaders of the pharmaceutical industry in the Roosevelt Room at the White House in Washington, DC. President Donald Trump lambasted Merck's CEO on August 14, 2017 after the African-American pharmaceutical executive resigned from a White House advisory council, citing Trump's controversial response to a violent white supremacist rally. Merck chief executive Kenneth Frazier, alluding to Trump's much-criticized response to a deadly weekend white supremacist protest, said he was exiting Trump's American Manufacturing Council. / AFP PHOTO / NICHOLAS KAMMNICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

OPINION | Marcela García

Why Donald Trump’s backstabbing could backfire

Who was most presidential on Monday? Merck CEO Kenneth Frazier.


// There’s no hate speech exception to the First Amendment

All speech, even hateful speech, is protected.


// Sept. 1 pot law deadlines loom large

Marijuana seems to make Beacon Hill policy makers put off until tomorrow what might best be done today.

Opinion | Richard North Patterson

// What’s crumbling faster: US infrastructure, or political will to act?

Stagnation breeds paralysis.

Dan Wasserman

What’s next after toppling the statues?

Look beneath the surface.

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Alex Beam

Perfect! (Or nearly so)

In search of the perfect newspaper column.

Opinion | Carissa Antonia

Why this millennial is choosing art school

The answer is simple and deeply personal.


Hillary Clinton was right about ‘deplorables’ — now they’re storming out of the basket

“Her much-criticized remarks were spot-on, and they need to be restated again and again.” — Richard Feinberg


As with Clay case, DA Conley has made strides against wrongful convictions

“Eyewitness misidentifications are, by far, the most frequent cause of wrongful convictions.” — David R. Cameron

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A Boston story in 50 words

A heartbreaking interruption.

Ideas | Craig Fehrman

Unequal on the fairway

Every weekend, America ends up arguing about golf.

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