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Researchers fly into heart of biggest El Niño in a generation

The information they collect might improve forecasting of El Niño’s effect on weather.

British researcher gets permission to edit genes of human embryos

Kathy Niakan’s goal is to boost knowledge of the basic biology of development.

Mother’s microbes can be transferred to baby after caesarean

The new study suggests a new way to inoculate babies, said the lead author of the report, published Monday in Nature Medicine.


Speed reading slows comprehension, study says

“There’s a trade-off between speed and accuracy,” says study co-author Elizabeth Schotter.


Sweat-sensing bracelet could be next wearable tech

Scientists have developed sensors that sit on your skin, such as in a wristband or headband, and continuously measure levels of chemicals in your sweat.

Officials in Brazil urge women to avoid pregnancy due to Zika virus

Brazil’s health minister said the country is ‘‘badly losing the battle’’ against the Aedes aegypti mosquito.


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