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Fossils show big bug ruled the seas 460 million years ago

Earth’s first big predatory monster was a weird water bug as big as Tom Cruise, newly found fossils show.

What’s in 90 percent of seabirds’ guts? 1 word: Plastics

As many as nine out of 10 of the world’s seabirds likely have pieces of plastic in their guts, a new study estimates.

Oliver Sacks, 82; ‘Awakenings’ author, neurologist

Dr. Sacks compassionately portrayed people with severe and sometimes bizarre neurological conditions.

Sexism in science leads to willful blindness

The habits of mind that once almost entirely barred women from the lab remain at work.

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Obamacare could mean a drop in abortions

An economist analyzed data from states that enacted contraception insurance mandates before the federal law was in place.

Japan delivers whiskey to space station, for science

The six astronauts aboard the International Space Station won’t be sneaking a sip — they’ll be seeing if alcoholic beverages mellow the same in space as they do on Earth.


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