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Harvard-led team’s cosmic inflation discovery uncertain

In this 2007 photo, the sun sets behind the BICEP2 telescope, foreground, and the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica.

AP Photo/Steffen Richter

New data raise doubts about what was considered smoking gun evidence in favor of the theory of cosmic inflation — the “bang” of the Big Bang.

In this artists’ rendering, the MAVEN spacecraft approaches Mars on a mission to study its upper atmosphere.

NASA’s Maven spacecraft enters Mars orbit

Flight controllers in Colorado will spend the next six weeks adjusting Maven’s altitude and checking its science instruments.

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Studies tie global warming to some key ’13 weather events

WASHINGTON — Scientists looking at 16 cases of wild weather around the world last year see the fingerprints of man-made global warming on more than half of them.Researchers found that climate change increased the odds of nine extremes: Heat waves in Australia, Europe, China, Japan, and Korea, intense rain in parts of the United States and India, and severe droughts in California and New Zealand.

Homeowners battle erosion, neighbors on Nantucket

A controversial $3 million project has sparked a bitter rift between neighboring villages, a legal battle, and the intervention of state authorities.

Altered Habitats

Today’s calls for climate action an echo of the past

Public support for the environment is less than that 44 years ago on the first Earth Day.

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