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Sperm Count in Western Men Has Dropped Over 50 Percent Since 1973, Paper Finds

The sperm count of men in Western countries has been declining precipitously with no signs of “leveling off,” according to new research, bolstering a school of thought that male health in the modern world is at risk, possibly threatening fertility.

Your Instagram posts may hold clues to your mental health

Instagram users with a history of depression seem to present the world differently from their peers, according to a study.

Scientists create the first mutant ants

On Thursday, two independent research teams described their work deleting ant genes.

‘Women computers’ often couldn’t use Harvard’s telescope. They changed astronomy anyway

One woman, after being abandoned while pregnant by her husband, got a job as a maid and ended up discovering the Horsehead Nebula.

What’s a total solar eclipse, and why is this one so unusual?

What makes the Aug. 21 eclipse so special is that it will cut diagonally across the entire United States.

Using CRISPR, scientists edit genome of viable human embryos

It was a step that some of the nation’s leading scientists have long warned against and that has never before been accomplished.


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