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Study suggests violence is an evolutionary adaptation

Researchers found that lethal attacks among chimps were more common in crowded communities with lots of males.


New research found that human behaviors such as feeding animals or disturbing their habitat didn’t appear to cause more killings.

A facial reconstruction of King Richard III displayed during a news conference in central London on Feb, 5, 2013.

King Richard III died painfully on battlefield

Since the skeleton of the 15th-century king was discovered under a parking lot in central England in 2012, scientists have done numerous studies.

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Altered Habitats

Today’s calls for climate action an echo of the past

Public support for the environment is less than that 44 years ago on the first Earth Day.

SpaceX 3-D printer arrives at space station

Two days after blasting off from Florida, the SpaceX cargo ship, Dragon, arrived at the International Space Station.

NASA’s Maven spacecraft enters Mars orbit

Flight controllers in Colorado will spend the next six weeks adjusting Maven’s altitude and checking its science instruments.

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