NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft hurtles toward Pluto

Richard Binzel, a professor of planetary sciences at MIT, is a member of the mission’s science team.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

The New Horizons spacecraft is approaching Pluto with the mission of taking the first detailed photos of the dwarf planet.

Remains found underneath a car park in Leicester, England, in September 2012 have been declared “beyond reasonable doubt” to be the long lost remains of England’s King Richard III.

DNA evidence proves that King Richard III’s remains really did end up in a parking lot

Scientists are 99.999 percent sure, in their most conservative estimate, that remains found in 2012 really do belong to King Richard III.

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Ghostly fish discovered at record-breaking depths

Recorded during a recent exploration of the Mariana Trench, a strange-looking new species has set a record for fish depth.

SpaceX delays space station delivery until Jan.

A test firing of the rocket engines earlier this week did not go precisely as planned, officials said.

Doctor in stem-cell probe sues Brigham, Harvard

Brigham and Women’s and Harvard Medical are investigating the conduct of a heart stem-cell scientist and his collaborator.

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