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Scientists, lawmakers seek solution to honeybee crisis

Massachusetts hives are left barren of bees, save for a small cluster of larvae, nurse bees, and an abandoned queen.

Graves of earliest colonists exhumed

Researchers unearthed and identified the remains of four early leaders of the first permanent English settlement in America.

Rare beaked whale washes ashore in Plymouth

The carcass provided an unusual research opportunity for marine biologists unaccustomed to the deep-sea mammal.

Pluto is hazier than scientists expected and covered with flowing ice

The new images released Friday taken by the New Horizons spacecraft provided more information about the dwarf planet.

New NASA photo shows Pluto with enhanced color

With amped-up shades of blue and red, some of the dwarf planet’s most fascinating features become more prominent.

Scientists say they’ve found a planet like Earth — 1,400 light-years away

Scientists have identified a “close cousin” to Earth that’s orbiting a sun-like star and might harbor life.



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High-speed video footage reveals how lovebirds turn quickly without getting dizzy.


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