Earth’s ozone layer is recovering, scientists say

An image provided by NASA shows the Earth’s ozone layer over the years.


Scientists attributed the improvement to the phase-out of certain chemicals used in refrigerants and aerosol cans.

Bicyclists in Falmouth.

Altered Habitats

Where was global warming during Boston’s cool summer?

Weather can temporarily hide climate change. It does not disprove climate change, and climate change does not always dictate the weather.

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Obama targets a popular coolant in new effort to curb greenhouse gases

The Obama administration is citing growing evidence that R-134a is contributing to the warming of the planet.

After solar storm, Northern Lights may be visible

The Northern Lights were visible farther south than usual Friday night, and it could happen again tonight.

First ever evidence of a swimming, shark-eating dinosaur

Until now, scientists didn’t have any proof there were swimming dinosaurs.

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