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Introducing young students to engineering

Design Squad Global is a way to get teens involved in invention projects — and get to know each other in the process.


Older adults can be easily distracted, but that can be useful

A review finds that there may be unexpected benefits to that wider-angle focus.

How do you cheer up a bumblebee? Try sugar.

Bumblebees appear to have feelings, and can teach each other new skills, according to new research.

Launch success for most-advanced weather satellite

It is part of an $11 billion effort to revolutionize forecasting and save lives.

Space station receives oldest female astronaut

Peggy Whitson, 56, already holds the record for most time in space for a female.


Menopause does affect memory, researchers says

One factor in getting a memory loss disease may be the menopause’s hormonal changes, according to a study.


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