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08/18/2017 Boston Ma- Joan Tanos (cq) had her phone service abruptly terminated by Verizon despite her being 84 years old. . Jonathan Wiggs\Globe Staff Reporter:Topic.


Verizon cuts off elderly woman’s phone — on her birthday

The state needs better rules for determining if a utility customer is elderly.

Watertown, MA -- 7/18/2017 - JoAnn Becker a travel tour company denied her a chance to join a scheduled tour of Vietnam because she is blind. (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff) Topic: 21consumer Reporter:


Travel company offers blind woman free trip

The chairman of Overseas Adventure Travel wrote a letter to JoAnn Becker to say he was “very sorry and saddened by the way our organization communicated with you.”

Len Evans of Burlington had the nicest lawn in the neighborhood until they hired Lawn Dawgs to fertilize it and kill weeds.

Sean P. Murphy | The Fine Print

Ruined lawn leads to a fight over how to fix it

Hiring people to work on your home or yard is often stressful. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when dealing with contractors.

Madeleine Maldonado in her home.

the fine print | sean p. murphy

Insurer reverses decision, restores elderly woman’s coverage

AIG has agreed to restore long-term care coverage for the 87-year-old Concord woman whose policy was canceled when she wrote the wrong amount on the check for her premium.

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Submit: Are you a consumer with a question?

Sean P. Murphy is the Globe’s new consumer columnist -- and he’s here to take your questions.

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What to know if you maxed out a credit card and then stopped paying

The thing to know and pass along is that you don’t have to be bullied.

Comcast says technicians will come to your home at no cost if there’s a performance gap.

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When it comes to Internet service, being passive does not pay

Being passive with your Internet service provider can lead to slower connections and wasted money.

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The Globe’s new consumer columnist is open for business

Sean P. Murphy will advocate for you when you feel you’ve been wronged in a business transaction with a retailer, an insurer, a lender, a lawyer, or others.

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Bray writes about technology for the Business section. His Tech Lab column appears on Thursdays.

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